Varsity Jackets

Be proud show your scholastic achievments.



All varsity jackets are custom made to what you want. You choose the color of the body, sleeves and collar, as well as the letters and symbols.


Prices start at $330.00


That includes:

Jacket (sizes up to XL)

Your letter sewn on right chest. (you supply the letter)

Your name on left chest.

Stock symbol center back. ( ex: baseball, football, megaphone)

8 letters across the top on an arc.

8 letters across the bottom.


Many things can be added


Embroidery on collar                                  $18.00

Embroidery on cuff                                     $12.00

Letters or numbers on sleeve                    $7.50 each

Extra Letters on back                                 $7.00 each

Symbols on sleeves                                   $12.50 each


You can even create your own symbol for the back. Starting at $35.00